Business cards - hidden terms

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Business cards - hidden terms

Postby wyomingpat » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:14 pm

After 6 years my business failed. I am an LLC. It turns out that I am told that hidden in the small print I am personally liable. I do not have copies of the terms any more and cannot find copies on the web. I have written to the card companies but they never reply. I have called them but they will not speak to me as the debt is with collection agencies. I call those agencies which are in India/Philipines etc and they cannot provide that information. I have had get my number changed as some of the calls are quite threatening. How do I get copies of these agreements?

If I had the money I would pay them. My assets were sunk in the business so they are gone so they can only take my blood! I am 60 with 35 years in IT/Telecoms in senior project management positions and cannot get a job after 14 months of trying - nearly 1000 applications and 1 interview where I was told I was "over qualified". I have written to each company offering my skills at the going rate so that I can pay them off (a practise from time immemorial). A 3 year contract with Amex paying 25% of my earings would clear all my debts. I have had a few temporary jobs at minimum wage but $7/ph is n ot going to crack it.

Anybody in the same position?

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