Apps I Use to Keep Track of it All

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Apps I Use to Keep Track of it All

Postby aquarius7373 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:44 pm

So, since I jumped into this 'credit game' just a few days ago (I am an aquarius after all; all or nothing) I've applied for three credit cards, got them all, got my credit report for the first time to realize I actually have 12 credit cards open.. oh boy. Not only that, but I actually have a pretty decent credit score. So.. How do I organize it all? I want to be sure there are no erroneous charges, but I don't have the time to check all these accounts all the time..

Well... after trial and error, here are the apps I've decided I will use to track everything:

BillGuard - track when my cards are being charged, and what for. 11/12 cards work in the app so far. I haven't been able to test my JC Penny card yet (Synchrony). Very quick to flip through my cards and see what my balance is on each one. Automatically alerts you to strange charges based on other users' filing claims with the biller. Seems to update the quickest, also.

Prism - this app tracks all my bills and allows me to set default payment methods for each biller (which, to me knowledge, Mint Bills didn't allow). Time to pay a bill? No more writing checks. For my wife, at least.

Mint - tracks my spending across all accounts and creates pretty pie charts so I can see where my money goes. Also sets budgets to increase awareness of when you're spending more/less than usual. It has a great, long list of categories, allows you to create your own categories and budgets, etc.

Not sure which card to use at (X)? My wife (Taurus, if you must know) isn't very receptive to the change I crave so often. So, I recommend Wallaby. Based on your location, it shows you a list of the closest stores (or the one you're currently in) with the recommended card you own right next to it. No need to tie your actual accounts to it; you just tell it which cards you have. Couldn't be any simpler.

Of course, I also have the app for each bank (Amex, Ally, BBT, Barclaycard, etc) just in case. I don't use them though, just to update user/pass if I had to I guess. These bank apps don't seem to take finger print readings, which the first three apps I posted do. Simplicity.

I hope this helps someone. Please recommend any other apps/websites you use below.
[size=60]My Wallet - Primary Cards:
Amex Blue Cash Preferred (25k ~ 6% groceries)
Barclays Sallie Mae (6.3k ~ 5% gas and amazon)
Citi Double Cash Back (5k ~ 2% everything else)

My Wallet - Secondary Cards:
Chase Southwest Business (30k ~ AU)
BBT Visa (10k ~ because visa)
Home Depot Credit (10k)
Amazon Credit (6k)

Not Used:
Cap One Credit (2.15k)
Macy's Charge (1k)
Kohls Charge (1k)
JC Penny Charge (1k)
Macy's Credit (0.5k)

Future Cards:
Cap One Quicksilver Visa (1.5% everything to replace BBT visa)

TCL : $97,950
Credit History : 12 years - always PIF
FICO EQ : 797
FICO TU : 791

I'm a newbie - all advice is appreciated![/size]

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