Help with Discover It Application

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Help with Discover It Application

Postby oreos » Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:55 pm


I recently applied for a Discover It card and got a call from a representative who "wanted to get me approved by the end of the phone call." I already have a Discover Now student card with a $1500 credit line from way back, so the rep asked me whether I wanted to convert my student card into a Discover It card, or if I wanted a separate It card. I told her I'd prefer a separate card, and she told me that if I wanted a separate card, I'd have to split the credit line between my student and my It card (so basically $750 on each card). The rep told me based on my history and application, that I could not be approved for any additional credit line.

I decided to call the backdoor line, and I was told this time the reason that they could not approve me for a credit line on my Discover It card was because of "my past card usage."

Here's a rundown of my history/usage with Discover:

- Been a Discover member since 2008
- Never missed a payment
- Always paid in full
- Discover's own FICO score puts me at 789
- On average, I use about 30-35% of my credit line each payment period

Could someone please help me make sense of why I can't even get a $500 balance on a new card and that I'm capped out at $1500? Is it because I'm not maxing out my card each month? That seems kind of silly.

I'm so frustrated at this point, I'm thinking of calling retentions and saying that I want to close my Discover Now student card unless something happens with my Discover It. Did I miss something? Should I just concede and split the credit line/convert my student card?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Postby takeshi » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:35 am

What's the rest of your credit like? IMO people place too much emphasis on usage. Usage can help but it's not going to make or break approvals or CLI's on its own.

Any reason you're set on Discover? Have you tried other creditors?

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