Apparently I have NO CREDIT SCORE

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Postby augiedog » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:45 pm

whit wrote:If you've paid off the debt that was collected, and especially if it was years ago, it shouldn't affect the reasoning capital one is giving..unless the amount is astronomical for the bank (a couple hundred is OK, a couple thousand isn't) or the circumstances surrounding that debt

That would likely not be the case anyway because ChexSystems typically does not collect information on credit cards; they just report negative checking account balances and other depository information.
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Postby whit » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:21 pm

Nvm..just read it was first chase Visa card so it could be cc

Was thrown off when op said checking account later

If it's a credit card that went into a mess, and than paid, and years have passed, that could contribute to him/her having to start all over with credit again but

I would check your credit scores..because depending on how it was handled and coded..I mean..either way a "charged off" or bankrupt isn't good..but one sticks longer than the other

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Postby Elijahmex » Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:57 am

oldsoldier wrote:Why not just start a reg checking account at say BofA and direct deposit your checks.

Just wondering.

I don't know if you understood my post or maybe I forgot to mention a few things. I won't be in NY until February 8th & I am trying to open a checking account in the U.S. from Europe.

The only checking accounts I can open without physically being there seem to be online baking account thus the reason I tried CapitalOne. However due to my lack credit it just isnt possible! To me that just seems nuts!

popamode72 wrote:Chase doesn't do any HPs for their checking accounts last time I checked. Same with BoA and Wells Fargo. Try one of those.

Thanks will do!

augiedog wrote:Generally ALL banks do credit checks (ChexSystems is the usual reporting agency for checking accounts). Usually they only look for negative information, such as a history of negative balances, and most banks approve people with no checking history since that isn't really negative. However, as you have just recently come back to the United States, you will likely be denied based on the fact that the bank finds this risky (such as if you leave a negative balance and leaves the States).

You can try applying at a bank in person, which they consider less risky, or you can try living here longer...
Luckily the bad debt you have is likely written off by now, however Chase will have internal records of that transaction which will impede any chances of having an account with them in the future.

Yes I am sure Chase won't be too happy if I try to open another account with them. Trust me I don't even want to open another account with them.

Before leaving the U.S. I called to tell them I was moving overseas and gave them all the information needed in order to send mail overseas. It's only months later those idiots told me we cannot send you information if you are outside the U.S. Common America!!!

Battery111 wrote:If I read the OP correctly, it sounds like he paid chase what he owed. Still, they are likely to deny opening another account with them, but it could be worth walking into a branch and speaking with a banker if he wants to reestablish a relationship with them. I'm not sure whether or how long Chase holds a grudge.

As I mentioned in the first post, after all this mess went down I made a 4 day trip back to NY just to handle the debt and get it over with so YES I paid Chase!

whit wrote:Op--without further details can't really say what's going on because info you're giving is a bit light

If you want to PM me feel free to discuss more openly

If you've paid off the debt that was collected, and especially if it was years ago, it shouldn't affect the reasoning capital one is giving..unless the amount is astronomical for the bank (a couple hundred is OK, a couple thousand isn't) or the circumstances surrounding that debt

It's interesting the reason capital one gave you, I would try other banks or, brooch about why and call them up..ask them because you just got back to the U.S., you haven't had time to establish credit, and also to see the report they pulled

My CL limit back then was about 800$. With all the incrued interest I ended paying something in the $1400s. That was many years ago so I don't remember the specific

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The no credit score is something I'm familiar with.

Postby OldMan » Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:44 am

I went years on cash only and renting. Was absolutely shocked when I tried to get a car loan. "Unable to generate score" was what most of the denials said. Not sure how this would work for you, but here's a couple of thoughts.

Open a Capital One Secured credit card. They were able to do this for me with only a very small deposit. The second thing I would try, is Navy Federal Credit union for a checking or savings account. There's a membership requirement that you'd have to meet, but if you qualify, they would have no issue with an oversea address.

Hope this helps.
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