Help with Chase Freedom Bonus

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Help with Chase Freedom Bonus

Postby oreos » Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:49 pm


Sorry if this belongs in another section, but I'm a bit flustered right now after dealing with Chase customer service.

I wanted to apply for another credit card, since the two that I had before had very low credit limits. Upon recommendation of a friend and numerous websites, I decided on Chase Freedom. It seemed well-rated, and there was a sign-up bonus! Woo! I applied the first time, and I got rejected due to an application error on my part. I applied again later, and this time I was approved (applied and got accepted some time in October).

I figured spending $500 within the first three months would be easy, since it was Christmas season. Spent the $500 within the first month, and since then I've been waiting for my bonus. Today, I decided I had been waiting long enough, so I emailed customer service and got a response that I wasn't qualified for a rewards bonus. I followed up with a phone call, and the representative told me that "sometimes applicants don't always qualify for the sign-up bonus. Next time, if you want to make sure you get the bonus, call a representative and sign up that way." I asked to speak to someone higher up, who just told me that there's no premium offer on my card, and they weren't offering that bonus at the time. At that point, I decided to just end the call.

Can anyone offer any advice? I am positive that when I signed up, there was the $100 bonus advertised... that was one of the huge draws of me applying for the card. And I'm not a previous Chase card user. I also feel like Chase ALWAYS offers a $100 signup bonus and there's never a period where they just don't offer one.

If it helps any, I applied for the credit card through Swagbucks to earn some bonus points, and I looked around beforehand, and applying through Swagbucks didn't seem like it would disqualify me from the signup bonus.. but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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Postby augiedog » Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:18 pm

You generally only receive sign-up bonuses by invitation or by specifically applying for that card with the bonus. The extra swagbucks seems to be your sign-up bonus because that's what you signed up for... What that means is that you can only get the $100 bonus by using an application specifically mentioning that bonus - it's not just given out for every sign up. The advertised bonuses you've seen are for specific applications which you either apply online by following that link or filling out an invitation in the mail.
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Postby Vattené » Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:58 am

$100 is more or less a "minimum" bonus (you can find higher on occasion for the Freedom, but $100 is pretty standard). Whenever you applied, however, any signup bonus should have been explicity stated before you hit submit. Do you recall seeing a bonus mentioned on the application? It sounds like there may not have been one when going through Swagbucks.

By contrast CCF always has a lot of links for new card applications - sometimes with higher bonuses - but you will always see the offer if you go through them.
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