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Postby aquarius7373 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:18 pm

the only payment on the card (4 years ago) was pain in full, and im the sole owner. i have no idea where the card went, i could have just shredded it after getting 10% off for signing up. i know ive done that at least once, but i was just 21 at the time and wasnt too concerned with credit, just the occasional one-time benefit.
[size=60]My Wallet - Primary Cards:
Amex Blue Cash Preferred (25k ~ 6% groceries)
Barclays Sallie Mae (6.3k ~ 5% gas and amazon)
Citi Double Cash Back (5k ~ 2% everything else)

My Wallet - Secondary Cards:
Chase Southwest Business (30k ~ AU)
BBT Visa (10k ~ because visa)
Home Depot Credit (10k)
Amazon Credit (6k)

Not Used:
Cap One Credit (2.15k)
Macy's Charge (1k)
Kohls Charge (1k)
JC Penny Charge (1k)
Macy's Credit (0.5k)

Future Cards:
Cap One Quicksilver Visa (1.5% everything to replace BBT visa)

TCL : $97,950
Credit History : 12 years - always PIF
FICO EQ : 797
FICO TU : 791

I'm a newbie - all advice is appreciated![/size]

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Postby JonE » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:33 pm

CarefulBuilder14 wrote:It's definitely odd to not know you have a particular credit card - even with 12. I'm not saying you should be able to recite them all from memory within 30 seconds, but it's not good when an account's existence is a total surprise. Maybe you're an AU on someone else's card? Or it's an individual or joint account you're liable for? Fraud is a possibility, but maybe you were in a store once years ago and rushed through some paperwork to get 10% off that day? I don't shop at JCP, either, but if I saw an open JCP account on my credit report, I'd be pretty freaked out.

That would be my exact fear, finding an account open and with a bunch of charges I never made because it wasn't monitored. Why I'll probably wind up with 3-5 cards total that suit my needs. I don't get some of the folks on MF who have 20 or more cards (one has 67??)
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Postby cardcustomerservice » Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:49 pm

TheSwarm wrote:I think 3 is the right number for me, but I currently have 4 just because I like having a relationship with AMEX.

Sallie Mae + Arrival+ cover everything for me but Chase Freedom sometimes makes it into my wallet for certain 5% categories.

AMEX BCE sits in the sock drawer.

I do like to churn cards for signup bonuses though. 2014 I churned a CSP and a PRG. Planning on churning an AAdvantage Platinum and a Hyatt this year to hopefully get 50k American miles and the 2 free nights at a Hyatt.

I got the Hyatt card and purchased the required $1000 and within a week or two or even less, my Hyatt rewards account was updated with my two nights!

I also did this with the Marriott rewards one from Chase and got one night free. The Marriott has a category restriction on how nice of a location you can book with the free night that is on the lower end, but the Hyatt, you can use the nights at ANY location or resort!

They have annual fees after the first year though so remember to close it down before they bill if you don't want to keep it.
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Home Design Card (Synchrony) -$2000

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