Close first Credit card? Useless to me, low CL plus annual fee.

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Postby p51 » Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:48 pm

popamode72 wrote:I think you have enough credit there to the point where your utilization won't be affected too much. Also charge cards aren't factored into utilization for the FICO score. I'm sure you can also get something way better than that Cap One card in the future. You'e already have a solid line up of a cards so far.

Will the fact that all three cards are new (about 1 month old ) hurt me at all? I'd LOVE to close the Cap One & get my $1400 back.
Capital One secured opened May 2012 -- $1401 ($1200 of my own money to increase limit) I will be closing this as soon as I qualify for an AMEX Simply Cash business card (hopefully this summer).
Amex PRG opened Nov 2014 -- No preset spending limit
Chase Freedom Nov 2014 -- $4000
Bank of America Cash Rewards Nov 2014 -- $2500

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