Looking for general suggestions

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Looking for general suggestions

Postby ficosontheritz » Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:12 pm

New to forum, thanks for having me!

Quick note about my past. Lost a home, tanked CC's. No, not part of housing bubble, medical issue.
Been working hard since 2009 to get it all strait. Worked out a deal with some of the CC's, did not pay others ( I was a 750 before my issue, and I will not be talked to like I am trash). Had a few dumpster cards, was able to get a card with my CU. Then got a capitol one. Had those over a year. A friend urged me to try navy fed and I got a signature visa for 6k (that was nice..woo hoo). And recently got a walmart, another cap one, and a usaa visa. Closed the dumpster diver cards recently (that felt good).

I am looking to round out my wallet, and get higher CL cards to boost my score. My lineup right now is
Cap one platinum 300
Cap one quicksilver one 500
My credit union 500
Walmart. 700
USAA. 1000
Navy fed 6000

Balance on navy fed only 1400 all others pif before interest. Navy fed on 0% intro.

Current fico's mid 6's not too bad considering in 2010 when I started I was at 475. Biggest hurdle I have is a judgment from my 2nd mortgage of 30k being paid on, but still open.

Any suggestions from the community? (Only bank I went bad on for cc was HSBC, sorry but they were jerks. Trying to get a few more.pts boost to buy a home again.

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