My debt managemeant program plan

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My debt managemeant program plan

Postby DIYcredit » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:36 am

Hi,I'm new and I just want to get different options about my plan.I entered into the DMP last year ,but before doing that,I was late four times [1-30 day and 3-60 day] on my Chase cc.So since then I paid back $3000,also I have got a new Capital One Quicksilver CC which now has a credit limit of $2500.I found out that having new credit while in a dmp is against the rules.I think as long as everyone is getting paid on time their is no red flags and no problems.I'm figuring, since disputing the lates didn't work, I'm going to use this to my advantage by building positive credit.I got into debt, because of changes in the economy and had to make choices which I was full aware would have drastic consequences in the future.
So moving forward in February the Capital One cc will be a year old with no lates,no high balance and the debt ratio that is currently %10.I think I'll get an credit line increase.So to everyone who reads this GOOD LUCK! improving your credit situation, because small steps will equals big steps in the end...


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