My Capital One Success Story - auto-upgrade from Platinum Mastercard to Quicksilver

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My Capital One Success Story - auto-upgrade from Platinum Mastercard to Quicksilver

Postby RockyIV » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:35 pm

My credit building journey started in September 2013 with a pre-approved offer from Capital One for their Platinum Mastercard with $19 annual fee. I was instantly approved for a $500 limit. Within the next 9 months, I applied for a BoA Secured card ($4000), Barclaycard Rewards ($1500), Discover It ($2000), CapOne Playstation Card ($500) and an AmEx PRG (NPSL) respectively.

The first change to my Platinum Mastercard account was an auto cli to $2000 after 6 months. A few weeks ago they automatically upgraded it to a Quicksilver (Mastercard, no annual fee). The weird part is that I was going to contact them about upgrading it, after I upgraded my BoA Secured card to a Cash Rewards card, but I DIDN'T. So I guess they read my mind or something, haha! In addition to that, they gave me an auto cli on my Playstation card from $500 to an astonishing $3500 (after 6 months).

After 14 months, I’ve got a total credit limit of $13000 and a 700+ credit score. I’ve paid in full every month with less than 10% credit utilization.

CapOne has such a bad rep as a conservative lender that won’t grow with you, but they’ve been pretty cooperative with me so far. Anyways… Since I’ve been using this forum (as a guest) a lot in the last year looking for tips and advice in finding the best way to build credit, I thought I’d share my story with you guys!

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