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Postby takeshi » Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:30 am

paparoach429 wrote:I think what really helped was meticulously managing my credit and maxing the Sapphire out (when I put that motorcycle purchase on my credit card

Yup -- it's your credit and income, not the creditor's "generosity" or "stinginess". Creditors do set their criteria but that has nothing to do with generosity. It's just a matter of how comfortable they are balancing profit versus risk.

paparoach429 wrote:I'm a little worried though, that over time they are going to start cutting my limits back down seeing as I'm never going to need that much of a credit limit.

They'll reduce your limits if they perceive them to be a risk. Not using up to your limits isn't a risk. Keep in mind that utilization is a major risk factor.

paparoach429 wrote:Do you guys think I should transfer some of my 13k credit limit on my Sapphire Preferred to the Freedom to make the utilization balance a little better?

Your call. Run the numbers and make your decision based on that. I don't think you've mentioned your spend in this thread so we have no idea.

I've shifted limits among all my Chase cards to address utilization.

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