Should I ask Freedom for CLI or apply for an Amex/Discover It?

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Postby Nixon » Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:45 pm

Vattené wrote:Is that so? Perhaps the type of people prone to this just want a charge card for the status symbol, and like flashing it around and swiping it to feel like a big spender.

Some people make great use out of their charge cards, but I am not one of them. If you don't travel frequently, you just don't get too much out of them. I will not be paying Amex for the privilege of not accruing interest fees. I am a transactor anyway, and I can PIF for free with an EveryDay.

Well....Pay over time has kinda changed the game a little, but the interest rate sucks at 18.24%

My current go-to's are my SWA Premier and my CSP as I try to wrap up the last few $ to meet the bonus spend. 3 weeks since receiving the cards and we're already up to $4,100 out of $5,000 spend required for the bonuses. :D

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