How long to wait to open 2nd Citi AA card to get bonus?

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How long to wait to open 2nd Citi AA card to get bonus?

Postby bobbyray » Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:16 pm

Hey all, first post! I currently have the Citi Platinum AAdvantage credit card. Opened my account September 2013. I was wondering if anyone knew how long I would have to wait to apply for another of the same card to take advantage of the current 50k miles promotion? 2 years? 1 year?


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Postby Yoshiofthewire » Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:28 pm

If you don't have one you can get a US Airways World Mastercard from Barclaycard.
Current offer: 40,000 miles after first purchase w/ $89 annual fee (not waved).

1st checked bag free on all US Airways ticketed flights
"Priority Zone 2 boarding"
1 free AA lounge pass
All your US Airways miles become AAdvantage miles when the plans merge next year.

The problems with this perks.
1) Zone 2 boarding is worthless when half the plane is ranked higher.
This happened on all my flights last week.
2) The lounge I went to was meh at best.
Clean, Quiet, but nothing great. Little food, no free beer but Bud, and seating that was just OK.
This is what I get for going to the LAS Centurion Lounge first.

The other problem:
While Barclaycard is OK in most ways. The website is clean, easy to navigate, but how it shows charges just plain sucks.

American Airlines Announces New Combined AAdvantage Program
American Express PRG - NPSL ('10) - NONE - Replace with BCE in 2015
US Airways barclaycard - $20,000 ('14) - Catch All - PC to Arrival in 2016
BankAmericard | Cash Rewards - $8,200 ('99) - Gas, Groceries
Discover It - $8,700 ('14) - 5% categories, ShopDiscover

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