Paid all debt & closed cards - now what? What cards should I apply for to start over?

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Paid all debt & closed cards - now what? What cards should I apply for to start over?

Postby NadiaChen » Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:39 am

I'm looking for a card recommendation for my situation. I'd like to earn cash back and build credit. Having emergency money would be nice as well.

Here's what my credit looks like:

Credit Karma: 713

I've made 132 on-time payments. I've never been late.

Length of Credit History: 8 Years

Average Account Age
Experian: 7 Years, 3 Months
TransUnion: 5 years


I have a government collections account with a County I used to live in. I had a court-related fine that my Father would make a in-person monthly payment at the local courthouse for me since I'd moved a few hours away.

When he died I didn't remember he was doing this for me and the account was transferred to the County's in-house collections agency. They got in contact with me and allowed me to make a monthly payment. It's been reported since 01/2009.

I was never late and the account was closed and reported as "Paid Closed" since 11/2010.

Credit Cards

I was listed as an authorized user on an American Express with a $6600 limit opened 08/2009.

It's listed as "Account Owner: Terminated" since I removed myself as an authorized user in April 2010 but it shows as an open account on my Experian and TransUnion reports.

I had one credit card with Orchard Bank (now Capital One) for 48 months. $300 limit. I paid it off and closed it 06/2013.

Student Loans

I made monthly payments on a $7600 or so student loan from 12/2007 until 12/2013 when I paid them off in full.

Income and Assets

I make about 50k per year working freelance and have about 21k in cash in various accounts.

Hard Inquiries

1 apartment
1 American Express - I was denied for a Plum card for my business in 05/2014.

Any ideas for someone like me?

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Postby MemberSince99 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:50 am

I would say almost any card you want is worth taking a shot for. I wouldn't go uber prime like US Bank for example but really most might be realistic to try for. Do you have any specifically you wanted? Or you just don't care and want any rewards card you can get?

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