USAA Not Keeping Up

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USAA Not Keeping Up

Postby rockyrock » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:19 pm

Today I called USAA to consolidate my two cards; I no longer want the Amex. I did however want to keep the available credit so I requested to have the limit shifted to the WMC. No go, USAA does not let you move credit limits around. They did offer to let me request a CLI.

In the end I decided not to close the account for now. I did ask the rep to make a note that most all other major banks offer this as an option They do like to be competitive so hopefully if enough request it they will get on board.

Minor setback in my quest get down to four or five cards while still maintaining >$100k of available credit.
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Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:40 pm

You've PCed the Platinum into a PRG, but you still have CSP, Marriott, Hawaiian, and AA in the way of travel cards. If you really want 4 or 5 cards, and favor simplicity over maximizing your rewards, then I'd keep the CSP and drop at least one of the airline cards or the Marriot.

A 2006 Amex charge account will have a fairly high 'secret' limit and go a long way towards your 100k goal. Or it may be the case that having 4 or 5 useful cards may be mutually exclusive with having $100k total in credit limits.

Why exactly do you need $100k of available credit?
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