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Help Please

Postby rarj13 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 11:23 pm

Ok so I am at a place where I am not sure the best direction to go.

I apped for the CSP on 4/01/2014 so 10/02/2014 was the plan. By that time, I would have 4 inquires fall off which would put me at:

Eq - 4 inquiries
Ex - 2 inquires
TU - 2 inquiries

I planned to wait until the 2nd of October to use a hard pull for CLI for my Citi Forward Card and my Discover Card. I am also currently interested in the Amex Blue Cash Preferred (for Groceries, Department Stores, 3x CLI and backdating) and/0r the Fidelity Amex (To replace Venture when the annual fee comes up.) I have no current AMEX credit cards. I have been waiting for my last APP to reach 6 months before I apply for anything.

The other move I was thinking about was that have a balance of 5k at 0% for 12 mo from a balance transfer check on my Sallie Mae WMC which is my favorite card which makes it unusable until I pay it off. Everything else is at 0. This puts my total Utilization at about 10%.

Should I consider the Chase Slate card to free up the Sallie Mae?

5 requests for credit seems like a lot at one time to me. Thoughts?

Current scores are:

Eq: 707
EX: 741
TU: 740

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