First Post (with gratitude)

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First Post (with gratitude)

Postby brewnc » Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:14 pm

I've been reading these forums for quite some time, and have gotten quite educated on some of the finer/lesser known points of credit card use. Even though I wasn't new to credit when I started doing research, I was uneducated on how I could use credit to my advantage. Thanks mostly in part to the reviews/opinions on this website, I ditched my old credit cards through my credit union in favor of a few new cards that actually work better for me based on my career and lifestyle. For those who are curious, the three that I chose to go with were: Barclay's Arrival+, AMEX Platinum, and AMEX Platinum Delta Skymiles. Thank you very much for the opinions and advice I gleaned from reading through the forum, and I look forward to sharing my experiences as well.

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