I just realized I don't have a regular Visa card...

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Postby jcarte29 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:19 am

This topic is fitting, I relate with the OP who felt that MC was the only one givin him love. I felt the same way, and even to this day, MC logo is on 3 of my 7 cards (while VISA is only on 1, my CSP).

When I first obtained credit, i had a BofA VISA, but didn't so well with it, so when I got back in "the game" I was thankful to MC for helping me get on the right track.

My regular VISA is my debit through my bank.
CITI Diamond Preferred $10,500 [06-16]
AMEX Platinum (Charge) [11-16]
AMEX EDay $12,000 [11-14]
Lowes Store $15,000 [4-14]
CSP VISA $6,000 [7-14]
GM MC $9,000 [9-14]
AAdvantage Red MC $10,950 [10-14]
Discover IT $4,500 [03-15]
Chase Marriott VISA $5,000 [04-15]
Cap One Quick $2,600[4-10]

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