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Postby iHackerSix » Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:40 pm

Red_Rena wrote:How did you deal with them about that?! That's just nuts. Seems to me Cap1 takes a lot of beating in the boards, but they have treated me better than BofA (so far).

I really went to the mattress's (sorry I couldn't resist the Godfather reference) lol, I went straight to the branch where it occurred and spoke to the banker that assisted me, complained and asked for proof of my signature on the CC app, spoke to the branch manager, and even wrote to corporate. In the end, everyone involved apologized and offered nothing else. I asked for the inquiry to be removed and was casually ignored. I went as far as closing my extra checking & savings accounts. I kept the one checking account because I love there bill pay and online banking but I'm sorely disappointed. It's a funny thing because I expected better from a bank this big that I've had almost 20 years. I wish I knew what the lesson was here since I never applied for the account in the first place and subsequently received no help getting it resolved but all I can say is to monitor your credit because that's how I found out about the app just as I received the denial letter! lol =)

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