Help--Told I Couldn't Dispute Unauthorized Charge

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Help--Told I Couldn't Dispute Unauthorized Charge

Postby Beaglefamily » Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:26 am

Between a rock and a hard place right now as a merchant scammed our family and put through an unauthorized charge on our card. Sent Billing Disputes complete documentation of (1) e-mails from merchant saying they had no intention of coming to finish the job they were contracted to do, (2) notarized letter from the person we had to hire to repair and finish their mistake and work, (3) contract showing the exact amount, yet the charge put through by Citibank far exceeded that amount, and (4) document that had to be signed by customer that work was complete and to authorize 2nd charge which was NOT signed.

This merchant is on Yelp and Better Business Bureau and Consumer Complaints for doing this all the time. Yet a very rude person from Billing Disputes insisted the merchant can keep our hard earned dollars and we have no avenue open to us to further dispute this scam. Merchant's bank is in some odd institution located on an island that is a French territory off the coast of Canada. I sent our credit card company a 20 page timeline with facts and supporting documents, and continually heard over and over that we "had nothing to worry about." Seven months later we get an online notice that, too bad, we're giving the merchant that 2nd charge (for over $1000) and there's nothing we can do about it. Can anyone offer advice, please?

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Postby jpitsy088 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:51 pm

No, I had a couple charges on my amex premier card that I contested and they took them off right away. Then I was notified that the business from which the charges were from showed credible so they were put back on. Probably a business that is connected with amex . I only have personal accts. I just paid them. You should contact the Federal Trade Commission , they have a free website and can direct you on what to do.

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