My credit card options?

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My credit card options?

Postby Akumai » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:47 am

I very recently established credit. Right now, I only have one line of credit with fingerhut, 800$, and soon I may or may not have a credit one credit card with a 300$ limit.

I am looking for a credit card that I am able to be accepted for, I am trying to avoid secured credit cards.

I have never missed a single payment, nor been late, I have payed on time and even more than the minimum due. the only things stopping me is the age of my credit, my total debt ratio(Im using alot of my credit at the moment) and my super inquiries(almost 20, because I was applying alot for cards when I first turned 18 when I knew nothing of credit nor what can hurt your score)

Any suggestions? If there are no options for me right now, besides a secured card, what is most important and determining why I am unable to get a card? is it the debt, the credit age, or my inquiries?

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Postby MemberSince99 » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:39 am

1. Capital One cards with the annual fee (NOT Venture, but the "bad" or "average" credit)
2. BofA Secured card with 500 limit for 99 dollars in security
3. First Premiere
4. Credit One
5. Search for the "Shopping Cart Trick" and get one of those you would use.

Once you get a card this way, use it responsibly and let it report to the bureaus for at least 6 months. THEN at that time, try for a better card (basically Discover, Chase Freedom, etc) that isn't too hard to get that will consider you with 6 months revolving history. Once you get one or two of those, stop, use them wisely and well for a year, then go nuts if you want to and your score/profile supports it.

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