Can't Improve Credit Score....Lost, don't know what to do!!!!

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Can't Improve Credit Score....Lost, don't know what to do!!!!

Postby Rockstar87 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:56 pm

Ok here goes. I recently graduated college and
I have about 5 things on my credit report that are affecting my score and will fall off on the 7 year mark later this year or next. $237 to Sprint, $637 to Credit One from my college years, $300 to Target, and about $500 to a closed Captial One Card all from my college years when I was not very wise with my credit and wasn't making much money. Now I'm trying to rebuild and it seems the process is just extremely slow. I recently opened a secured card through my Credit Union for $1,000 June 2014, just got a Capital One Quick Silver card with $300 June 2014 (not sure how since I owe them from a closed account from college), and a $300 credit limit with First Premiere August 2013. My CK score is 541, Transunion is 614, and FICO is 568. I just started a monthly payment to Equifax for their 3 in 1 credit score tracker and I have a free FICO score from my credit union DCU. Every card that I applied for I have been denied. Barclay Rewards for Average credit applied June 2014, Discover IT January 2014, BofA secured February 2014, Amazon Visa November 2013 and PayPal Master card June 2014. My score just seems to stay and not move up or down. Was thinking about getting a Credit Builder Loan through my credit union as I don't have mortgage or a car note. Trying to keep my CU <30%. ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY AND MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
DCU Platinum Secured-$1000; Cap 1 Quick Silver-$300; First Premier-$300; Finger Hut-$230

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