Some Further Travel Reward Card Success plus one Glitch

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Some Further Travel Reward Card Success plus one Glitch

Postby SpriteZero1017 » Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:49 pm

So... less that 3 months ago (11 weeks) I went on a binge to begin a process of collecting all possible (and relevant) miles, bonuses, points and rewards for upcoming international and domestic travel over the next year. I applied for the received the following cards:

Citi AAdvantage - 7.5K (50K miles)
Barclay Arrival - 3K (40K miles/points)
Chase Sapphire Preferred - 8K (40K miles/points)
Capital One Venture - 5K (20K miles/points)
AmEx Blue Everyday - 1K (10K points)

Also received in the same spree a DCU card offered with a new car loan (7.5K) and a Wells Fargo card offered just for being a longtime customer (9K). But those aren't related to this travel scheme.

I just finished all my minimum spends on all the cards and have been credited with tall of those miles and points. There were a few more cards I wanted to get for their miles and points but I'm less then 3 months since that spree and it seemed early. But ya know, my credit is good, histories, as short as they are with these new companies, is good and I'm a good credit client. I went for those today with mostly success. Today I was approved for:

1. Barclays US Air Dividend - 7.5K (40K miles) - surprised by this one with Barclays reputation for additional card and me only 11 weeks with my Arrival
2. British Airways Avios (Chase) - 5K (50K miles)
3. AmEx Starwood Preferred - 2K (30K miles transferable to other programs)


My one and only glitch ever? Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier. It's a Chase product and obviously 10 minutes earlier Chase approved my British Airways card (and my Sapphire Preferred 11 weeks ago) so maybe that was a silly push on my part. Message was that they needed some further evaluation of the app and I'd hear of the rejection or get the card of approved.

So the last three months have accumulated 8 prime travel cards (not counting other cards w/o travel rewards) with a total of 39K in CL and what will be 280K in combines miles, points and credits. Not bad at all.

But the Southwest card, of all cards, may be the elusive one. Though I may just call them and see if I can chat up an approval.

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Postby MemberSince99 » Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:13 am

Amex Blue Everyday I'm assuming you mean BCE as opposed to the everyday card, but in any case neither of those cards is a "travel" card.

But that doesn't really matter as you have 7 others. My question to you is how do you plan to actually make use of all those travel cards? You would pretty much have to live in an airplane to make that work. Unless you just want to have them to have them.

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