Build new fresh credit history

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Build new fresh credit history

Postby Amerikcana » Fri May 30, 2014 9:43 pm

HI everyone

i am new in US ,i have 1 capital one secured with $300 limited credit paying full every months and never late.And i have $1000 secured loans with my CU,something never late at all.I am married stay at home look my little baby boy and i have no income for moment because don't find job yet..... ,my wife she working fulls times Salary: $35,000/year and i have almost 6 months credit history. We plan to buy car in 3 months and apply 1 or 2 credit card .WALMART and discover card

1 . Can i use my wife income for buy the car or credit card?

PS) Oh yes my wife credit score no good at all and her Fico score around 530 with some collections total around $5000...

2. can i add her on my credit ?

Some advice please and greatly appreciated :smileyhappy:

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