How do I best leverage two 0 balance, 5 figure limit cards?

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How do I best leverage two 0 balance, 5 figure limit cards?

Postby sloop » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:32 pm

Hello Credit Lovers,

tldr - is paying a credit card with another credit card ALWAYS categorized as a balance transfer?

I need advice. I thought I had this all figured out but I am glad I snooped around on this board before starting to place purchases.

Background: I have one 16,000 credit limit VISA card with a zero balance at whatever APR it is now (had it for 13 years, usually pay off every month). Just got another $13,000 AmEx blue card with 15 month 0% introductory APR. Balance transfers and cash advances on the AmExBlue are charged at 15% and 25% respectively during the introductory period. I am about to have little to no income coming in while i get training for a career switch.

Question: If I charge a purchase on the VISA and pay it the same month with the Amex ... is that considered a balance transfer? Or is it just a purchase that would stay in the realm of 0% APR since I never let the balance sit through a billing cycle? I plan on paying tuition and as much of my living expenses as possible with the cards. Are transactions through pay pal with a vendor ever considered anything other than a regular purchase (i.e. something that would not qualify for my 0% APR offer?).

Thanks for your help! I almost started running my charges through my VISA first in order to double up on points, but since reading here I now see that could throw my whole plan off the rails.

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