Reducing wife's CC debt through 0% balance transfers

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Reducing wife's CC debt through 0% balance transfers

Postby greent » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:57 pm

I am considering applying for a 0% intro APR CC with balance transfer as a way to minimize interest payments while consolidating/eliminating my wife's CC debt. I have the following general questions:

(1) Some of the accounts are retail accounts like QVC and do not accept CC as payment. Can CC balance transfers be used to pay these types of accounts? Would this be subject to cash advance fees?

(2) Are there any problems if the last name on her accounts not match mine (as accounts were opened before marriage) and I am not otherwise associated with the accounts?

(3) Are there any credit cards that impose restrictions on being paid off by balance transfer and do I need to go through the fine print to make sure I can apply balance transfer to pay off these accounts?


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