Is it bad to not pay off purchase before 0% APR offer ends?

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Postby Money card » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:29 pm

Agp nope because on your credit report it list your minimum payment, your credit limit and the most you ever charged on your card.
so as long as your minimum is paid your fine.

let's take a look at your example let's say you applied for a citibank american airlines and there promo is 0% for 12 months , you went to shoprite and spent 100.00 for example your monthly minimum is 20.00 as long as you pay the 20.00 by the due date there would be no baddies on your report.

credit reports now a days just list the bank , your minimum monthly payment and your credit limit, opening date.

at certain times of the year you may not use a particular card so on your report it will always list your minimum monthly payment regardless of how much you pay the bank over the course of the year.

just to give you an example for the people who have an American express premium card
on our credit report it reports a 0 because no one can tell how much a person charges but they know the bill has to be paid in full
so at certain times of the year it can be slow and somebody might not use there card, at certain times they may charge 250.00
because theres no minimum monthly payment like there is on the lending cards, they report as 0.

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