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Balance Transfer from Discover

Postby Hepsta » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:10 pm

I have approximately $3,500 balance our of $10k limit with Discover More. My other cards I have are Amex Gold, Capital One Venture $7.5k, and Citi Platinum Premier $500. I got the Citi card for the balance transfer promotion but ended up getting approved for $500 limit. This was in April. They (the account rep I spoke with) can't increase the limit until after 6 months. I run a zero balance and have purchased and paid for the past 3 months on the Citi.

My question is this- and there might be a few within:
a) I cannot transfer balance to Citi without the fees after 4 months of opening card. With such a small limit, I won't be able to utilize the promotion. Any recommendations on how to increase limit or am I stuck?
b) Should I get another card that has balance transfer promo and run the risk of a small limit again for the price of a hard inquiry? I have 4 hard inquiries the past 2 years on my credit check due to a new home purchase and 3 new cards (AMEX Gold and Citi Platinum Premier and Capital One Venture). Any recommendations on cards?
My FICO score is 773 Ex, 755 Eq, 773 TU and my total usage is $4,500 our of $18k total CL.

Thanks, Hep
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Postby Money card » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:28 pm

just curious which card do you have the Blue 2 miles or gold 1.25 miles?

how do you like your card, plus your Discover and American express gold?

how many times have you called citi? sometimes after calling 1 account mgr you call a couple of times and you get different answers to the same question.

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