Capital One Balance Transfer Offers With Fine Print Scams?

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Capital One Balance Transfer Offers With Fine Print Scams?

Postby Mr Brownstone » Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:22 pm

Hi all, Ive got a question about transferring. Ive got a Citi card with about a $25000 limit. Ive got 14000 on it right now with an APR of 14.9%. Id like to do a balance transfer soon. Im paying in excess of $1000 every month to bring this down but I think I can pay it off sooner if I transfer to a 0% for 15-18 months. Here is my problem:

I cant transfer from a Citi card to another Citi card (platinum).

I was originally going to go with the discover more card, but they have some weird clause saying that I need to make the transfer before August 10th, and I cant transfer until two weeks have passed from my approval date. so that doesnt give me a lot of time to transfer a balance from Citibank to Discover.

That leaves me with Capital One. are there any things I need to know about when it comes to Capital One balance transfer offers? Any fine print scams? Ive heard that sometimes they will not honor your zero percent for 15 months after you sign up - thus reverting back to 14-18% APR for the transfer. Even though that is what the original agreement was. Ive also heard that their customer service is horrendous.

I guess chase is left but the most they will offer is 12 months. But they probably have better customer service...

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Postby jeffysdad » Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:22 am

About three or four years ago a I did a large BT to CapOne and found the experience to be flawless. Unlike others who have had complaints about CapOne, I found them to be very easy to deal with. They completely honored their commitment to 0%. I paid the balance off a few months early just to get rid of it.

However, I think you have plenty of time to do a BT to Discover if you would prefer that. Aug. 10 is more than six weeks away as I write this.
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