Paypal Credit Card Review: The Ugly Side Exposed

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Customer User Experience is Horrendous

Postby kalkoala » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:41 pm

My problem with this credit card is not the interest rate or technically any financial issues but the web based user interface and customer service experience online is horrible. That in itself leads me to give horrible reviews on the credit card and advise all of you not to apply for it. The most vital information that a customer needs whether that is payment amount and due date, recent transactions, rewards information, or fundamental information about the credit card account is terrible. For some God awful reasons they have decided to make basic and important information really hard to access and the frustration over this has stopped me from using the card.

They supposedly link the credit card to your PayPal account. To access information about the card you click on this minute hyperlink and you get very rudimentary information laid out in a very terrible user interface. If you want further information it takes you forever just to get that information; don't even get me started about how difficult it is to get rewards information. Then this morning I went on my PayPal account and found the link to the credit card had disappeared. I called customer service and they said there was nothing wrong with my account and they did not know why the link had disappeared.

Now I can't access any of my vital information online until they fix this problem with my account. I have a dozen other credit card accounts with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and so on and have never encountered such a terrible user interface experiences as I do with the PayPal Extras MasterCard. I highly suggest avoid using or applying for this credit card; it is definitely not worth the frustration.

On a sidenote, I have never had any of my other credit card information compromised or stolen but for some reason this credit card the PayPal Extras MasterCard has been the only one.

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Postby kanikedude03 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:04 pm

DeliXX wrote:The question is for someone that has or had access to the PayPal Extras MasterCard (credit card)

Please, Provide how many points would I need for:
1) $50 paypal cash deposited into my paypal account
2) if any of these gift cards available for redemption at Walmart, Sam's Club, Amazon or eBay

I wasn't able to find it anywhere. I'm thinking of maybe applying for this because I make a lot of eBay purchases. And there's 2x points for those.

1) 6000 points = $50 cash as I said in my previous post a few months ago
2) They have Walmart gift cards (which say that they can be used at Sam's Club in the description), Amazon, and Ebay gift cards. However as I pointed out in my previous post, it is usually wiser to redeem 6000 points for $50 cash because a $50 gift card may run you more than 6000 points.

They usually have gift cards sale that are only 5000 points for a $50 card, but they change monthly to quarterly. The card category they had a promotion for in September was Gas stations. The credit card also offers other odd incentives. For instance, in the past few months I received $75 because I made some purchases that were considered "back to school" during a promotion that they were having. I also received a $10 credit for customizing the image on my card.

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Postby |Dan| » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:36 pm

hellocredit wrote:Wanted to share my recent experience with Paypal and GE: I got approved for $1000 credit line. I noticed my "spending power" was still at $200, even though I had made my $800 payment in full 3 days prior. I called Paypal to see what was going on. If you've dealt with Paypal in the past, you probably know the customer service is a complete JOKE. After 15 minutes of holding as the representative tried to figure out why my credit limit hadn't reset, she comes back and just tells me she isn't sure and I have to speak with GE about it. So just to clarify, I ask, I've waited 15 minutes and she doesn't know why the credit amount hasn't reset? With a whole lot of attitude, she just replies no, I need to speak with GE. Ok, fine. I should have called them from the start. She says she'll transfer me to GE. Does she transfer me though? Nope. She transfered me right back to the Paypal Customer Service. So incompetent, it's ridiculous. So after re-entering all my information and another 10 minutes later, I am finally on the line with GE. GE proceeds to tell me my account is on a 12 day hold and there is nothing they can do to reset my credit line. Okay, but the payment of $800 has been taken out of my account and cleared. What the heck? That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

Lmao, that's like calling Dell then getting pissed off because they can't fix your Microsoft Windows issue. Just because your Dell came w/ Windows installed (read: your GE card was advertised on PayPal), doesn't mean it's Dell's (PayPal's) responsibility to fix Microsoft's (GE Capital Bank's) problems. PayPal made you the card offer as a convenience.

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My Experiences With PayPal Credit Cards:

Postby In_Correct » Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:20 am

Hello. I am going to share my experiences with PayPal Credit Cards. The card name was PayPal Extras MasterCard. I use ebay frequently and I use PayPal even more frequently. This means I log into my PayPal account often. Whenever they aren't playing a movie :mad: while I try to find the very small log in box. (I want to log into my account, NOT watch a movie!) Then they are nagging me to apply for the PayPal extras card. After being sent offer from other credit card, and being approved from said card. I decided to add a third credit card line to further improve credit score and credit history. I got approved for PayPal extras also. :)

Unfortunately I believe this is the worst card I have experienced so far. There is very limited information on my PayPal account. If I want to make any changes to the account, or to even ask them a question, I have to CALL them. :mad: This is unacceptable. My two bank accounts have customer service with direct message. My two other credit cards also have customer service with direct message. PayPal Extras is the only one that has no direct message. Instead, you are forced to call them. Whether it is for setting up PIN number (I did this with the automated system), or for changing due date you must call them. Customer service on the telephone is horrid. And I prefer to not speak to any body. PayPal extras must add a direct message function or I will just have very minimal use for the card.

Next month the live agent said that the due date has been changed beginning next month. We will see. Because I doubt they did.

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Paypal Extras Master Card: Horrible Customer Care

Postby joydip81 » Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:38 am

I had applied for Paypal extras master card and cancelled it within month of using it. My experience with the customer care was horrible. I wanted to setup auto payment from my checking bank account for monthly payment of my statement. Even though the web interface has this option, IT DOESN'T WORK !! So, I made the mistake of asking help from customer care. The guy in the customer service was rude and ignorant about setting up of auto payment. He asked me to contact my bank to setup auto payment to Paypal credit card !! When I asked further for clarification he became very rude and impatient. I am having multiple credit cards, and never I had to contact my bank for setting up auto-payment to either of my other credit cards. This experience prompted me to cancel my Paypal master card immediately. Also I agree with the other posters, that the reward programs is a scam. It gives much less benefit than other similar cards even though it doesn't look like so in the beginning. Stay away from this card !!

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