I think I might be in love with Discover

All about Discover & Diners Club - talk about their credit card deals such as the More, Miles, Escape, and others.
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Postby FutureBillionaire » Tue May 21, 2013 12:40 pm

I hope you enjoy. They are a good company. I'd be very happy if I had higher limits. Oh well.
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Postby MemberSince99 » Tue May 21, 2013 12:45 pm

FutureBillionaire wrote:I hope you enjoy. They are a good company. I'd be very happy if I had higher limits. Oh well.

Me too. That's my one and only beef with them - they can be VERY stingy. Otherwise, they are great.

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Postby 432521 » Tue May 21, 2013 2:20 pm

MemberSince99 wrote:Actually my pay has been static for the last roughly 4 or 5 years - hasn't really changed at all. Worse, I've had people tell me I'm overpaid recently. With the economic downturn they want us all making 5 dollars an hour these days. The last interview I had consisted of the guy spending most of the hour trying to beat me down to half my current pay level. So IT has not been immune to what's going on.

But the pay is ok, except that taxes keep going up and up, as does inflation (no matter what the government says in the "real world" it's going up) and health costs, but not pay. I laugh when I see these schools that tell prospective students who they will start making more than I make after doing this for 15 years. Good luck with that.

Calculus was a real struggle for me too I don't know how I passed it. I had to survive 3 semesters of it. Algebra was easy. Programming in the real world is nothing like they teach you in college. I went to UW (Wisconsin) and they had these Sun workstations that used NOTHING current even in the 90s when I went and there was very little that was truly relevant. I had a class in assembly language for the RISC chip and the professor was hyping how the RISC chip was the next big thing and we all better get onboard the train. As I'm sure you know, that flopped big time in terms of PCs.

Good for your brother just hang in there if this is really what you love, you should be fine. I used to love it, still do enjoy solving problems, just don't enjoy the BS that goes with it anymore. But I've been doing it a while and it's hard to change. Maybe this area in Wisconsin is kind of dead too.

I guess where I live the IT industry is growing and people with CS,CIS, and MIS degrees get paid pretty good because we are the business mecca of the south if not the whole USA. So many of the super majors have either the HQ here or very large offices here that if you can sell yourself or have connections you are pretty set in getting at least a trail run with them, and if you can't get them we have a lot of the large financial institutions here as well, not to mention very large oil and gas companies that are making millions if not billions of dollars that are not considered to be one of the super majors.

I also one of the biggest things about working in the IT industry is for you to make money you have to be able to sell yourself and your skills to anyone at anytime. There are a lot of head hunters in my area who get people working for large oil corporations and sell them on a position in a startup and sometimes pays 25% to 50% more than their current pay with promises of raises within a two years.

What I find funny is when people say IT people get over paid, the only thing I have to say to them is if we leave and your company has no IT people that can do my job lets see how long you last. I have been in a couple situations where I may be away for a day and the next day I come in I get a horde emails about very simple problems, but because they depend on me so much for very simple things they never think to solve the problems themselves because I am their. Another thing that gets me is while I can fix hardware issues that is not my job, just because my title sounds "technical" I get asked. Now that I think about it people probably think I am the equivalent of best buy's geek squad in my company.
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Postby MemberSince99 » Tue May 21, 2013 3:09 pm

You are right no doubt. The thing is never believe promises of higher pay once you "show what you can do" I've heard that line and it NEVER once materialized. They tell you that to underpay you as well as motivate you, but you will find they are always dissatisfed with your performance, or they simply can't pay you any extra or something. They tend to follow a policy of "burn and churn" where they get as much as they can from you making everything crucial to the salvation of the universe, milking you for as much unpaid OT as possible, and once you are burned out and have contributed all your ideas to the company, they like to get someone younger and hungrier and most importantly cheaper with new ideas to do the same to. That is if they haven't sent your job overseas, or brought in a foreigner to take your job.

I've seen a lot of what they do so I know a lot of the games but I learn new ones all the time watching them in action. Hitler is said to be ruthless but what I've seen of corporate America has to have old Adolf feeling proud if he knows about it in hell.
Just trying to clue you in to what to watch for really. When I started I couldn't believe people PAID me to program, what could be better? But after doing this enough years, the last thing I want to do when I go home at night is program. I've never seen that kind of thing pay off. Part of it is me - I don't play politics. I just do my job.

But it is what you make it!

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