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All about Discover & Diners Club - talk about their credit card deals such as the More, Miles, Escape, and others.
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Postby rockyrock » Thu May 23, 2013 3:49 am

cdogg wrote:It all depends on. but for sure DiscoverCard CL is lot of lower than others. I have 770+ score and credit history for almost 20 years (i am 39). when i first got my More card back in 2010, my initial CL is 8k vs. 30k from my AMEX. I didn't use this card for two years (i meant zero transactions). then started using it last year and converted to IT this year. they gave me 1500 increase to 9500 now. i am ok with it since i don't use it much except for those quarterly cash back. i don't know how they calculate the CL based on what, but i think you should be happy with 5k

I'm right behind you at 37 and had almost the same experience. When I got my More card a few years ago it came in at $8k. I ceased using it after the initial spend to get the promotional Cash Back. Maybe a year or so down the road I either got a notice or happen to glance at a statement and saw my limit was increased to $9500. I recently converted it to an IT card and got them to lower the APR but didn't ask for a CLI. I only use it for the quarterly 5% CB as well.

My CU just issued me a Visa at $20k and my CSP came in at $20k.
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Postby kqwqk27 » Thu May 30, 2013 7:21 pm

Just to throw another data point into the mix... I just applied for a Discover IT and was instantly approved with a $8k credit limit.

For reference they pulled EQ for me and I'm in the mid-west. It's currently in the mail but once I get it I'll post my APR. Also, this is my second TL in the last 45 days I've applied for and have been approved for starting at an $8k CL.
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