What's essential and what's trivial. Let's focus on what's important

All about Discover & Diners Club - talk about their credit card deals such as the More, Miles, Escape, and others.
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What's essential and what's trivial. Let's focus on what's important

Postby Iroquois » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:04 am

I've received a lot of direct mail on my Discover card in the past few days. A letter inviting me to spend $3000 a month, a letter inviting me to pay electronically (I already do), a letter inviting me to use my card in the Caribbean while traveling, another to transfer a balance.

My Citibank Mastercard card has a spending limit 4 times that of Discover. My Citibank card has a 5.9% APR while my Discover is still double digit (even with a teeth pulling exercise to get Discover to reduce their APR a few percent - a paper based form to be signed stating info they have about having paid on time that took a ridiculous amount of time for them to implement the rate reduction). B of A, Chase and my other cards also have lower APR's in this low interest rate environment

Discover is trying to do "something" but it seems a lot more sensible to me to concentrate on the most important factors to be competitive and not all the other "arm waving" stuff, if they really want their card to be competitive.

A little bit of common sense and focus on the things critical to getting and using a card are in order. Yes the Peggy commercials are cute. And the new card sure looks pretty as well. LOL But Discover is still in the back of wallet.

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Postby DavidNY » Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:08 pm

I had a Discover card with a lousy CL too for a while, I recently called them up and asked for something realistic. They gave it to me, but it took a hard TU pull.

At least I can now use it without maxing it out.

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