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All about Discover & Diners Club - talk about their credit card deals such as the More, Miles, Escape, and others.
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Re: Discover “Freeze It” Feature

Postby jcarte29 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:33 am

Brad Bishop wrote:This is one of the things I really like about Discover: Their website and mobile applications are feature rich. Not cluttered with nonsense, but nicely laid out and you can pretty much do everything with either.

Then I look at Amex's website and app and it seems so basic by comparison.

100 percent agree. I get lost in AMEX sometimes going back and forth just trying to look at recent transactions (which normally are tied to the extra benefits tracker).

I won't be using my Discover a whole lot while I pay down this B/T but I still think it has potential to be my everyday card, possibly over my AMEX.
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