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All about Discover & Diners Club - talk about their credit card deals such as the More, Miles, Escape, and others.
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Postby Vattené » Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:18 pm

kdm31091 wrote:It's certainly not something I would take advantage of -- why would you avoid paying literally $1.99 and risk catching Discover's eye by doing it repeatedly? Taking advantage of a "feature" like that is not a good thing especially over such a tiny amount of money.

If you were walking down the street and saw $1.99 you wouldn't bend over and pick it up?!

You aren't shorting Discover anything. You're paying above and beyond the statement balance into the current month's charges, then they issue a credit. They can watch my account as closely as they like. I haven't done anything wrong, and if they decide it is a mistake they can easily reverse it next statement. Sure, they could very well get rid of this feature that they themselves implemented if too many people are using it, but why not utilize it while it exists? I'm just not understanding what you think they'll do.
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