Is Discover a International Card?

All about Discover & Diners Club - talk about their credit card deals such as the More, Miles, Escape, and others.
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Postby MB131174 » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:38 pm

Got my card today - except it didn't have the chip in it.
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Postby luisdaa » Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:47 am

In the fall of 2012 I was able to use it at a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. It went through as Diners Club. I have used it in Mexico too.

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Postby itceps » Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:07 pm

You can use it in Europe but not in all the countries. You can use it in China, I have used it there and at that time there was a note you print from the Discover card website in Chinese instructing the merchant how to charge you card. However, in Italy I had some problems as some of the merchants did not want me to pay with the Discover card as it charged them more than Master/Visa was charging them. In addition, especially in major retailers (Auchan for example) the request for a PIN kept coming up although I had only a magnet card. In those cases Master/Visa worked without the PIN request. Go figure.

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Postby rockyrock » Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:09 am

I'm in Toronto right now and haven't seen one Discover network sticker. I also asked a few locals and they said it isn't hardly accepted anywhere. I am going to a supermarket later and will just swipe it and see what happens. I didn't have time to get the EMV card before I traveled.

Overall credit cards aren't as widely accepted here as many major US cities. MC is the most widely accepted it seems. I have been using my AAdvantage WEMC and it hasn't been a problem yet other than mild looks of annoyance when they realize I have to sign not just enter a PIN.

My experiences, YMMV.
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