Sued by Discover while Divorce is Pending and ex has kept us penniless

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Sued by Discover while Divorce is Pending and ex has kept us penniless

Postby jensinglemomdivorcing » Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:07 pm

My divorce was filed in Sept. 2013, it has been as bitter as the best bitter divorces can be. A few months ago Discover brought suit against me in local county court while still going through divorce proceedings. My divorce lawyer gave answer, however now after the final divorce hearing in July, Discover is on my jugular with additional forced interrogation questions for the suit, when I have been left pretty high and dry by my ex. Before marrying my husband I married young and had four children, when he met me I was a single mom of four, working full time, just trying to make a good life. When he left the job market had crashed and I had not been employed since June 2012, however I did complete my BA in psychology which thus far has not helped in obtaining employment.

I did notify discover since they called over and over that I was divorcing and it would be up to a year. My daughter and I were left with scant food in the fridge, no bills were offered to be helped with, I only had two credit cards in my name, discover and chase for about the same debt, in which chase has called, and understood my circumstance that I will have to wait until the final decree and until monies are released to me to pay my debt. It has been beyond a terrible time, I cannot find work, I owe 79,000 in student debt, and have no way to pay Discover until an award is offered. I do have minimum alimony now which did not begin until mid May and does not help with rent I am short by far every month, the back pay is owed from Oct. on which is about 7000 to 8000 but my ex has only paid 300 of that thus far. So what am I to do when I am frozen from financial strangulation by my ex through the divorce, as well as economic downturn and shifts in employment practices?
Back in the day I could walk in and get a job pretty simply, today with resumes it seems like I never hear from a single person even in the smallest of positions. Obtaining work today seems even more like the top jobs such as in manufacturing are pretty well paying but male oriented and difficult to get in through resume submittals.

Is there anything I can do to stop Discover from the continued squeeze they are adding to while in the death grip of divorce? I mean I am having to go to food banks, and figure ways to pay for school fees and band for daughter and now, rather than waiting another 30 days till the divorce is final and paperwork goes through for a financial settlement they are raking me through additional motions in court besides the suit with almost 30 interrogatories, which further state I can be sued further for false statements and so forth. Help????

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Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:32 pm

I am not a divorce lawyer (or any sort of lawyer) so I can't help with most of this.

But one small thing is that maybe the school has some flexibility in their budget and can cover some of the fees? If necessary, take your daughter out of band. (Edit: That may seem like such a small thing with all the other sacrifices you and she are making, but perhaps a creditor in court could make it sound like you're still irresponsible for paying for nonessential things?)

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Postby MemberSince99 » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:47 am

You really need a good divorce lawyer. He may have a colleague who can help with Discover and other creditors as well.

That's about all I can suggest. That and take any job you can get that's legal and moral to get back in the job market. Employers these days do discriminate against people who have been out of the workforce, simply because they can. The media fills our ears with lies and sunshine claiming it's an economic boom and happy days are here again, but as you are seeing that's just a bunch of propaganda. Reality on the ground is very different than the tales they spin. But do get yourself out there and get something, anything for now because it's a lot easier to get a better job when you are working than when you aren't and you have been out of the job market a while.

I would not take her out of band unless you have to. I thought that too, that she could live without it, but if that's her true passion and that's all she has, and you can do it, if it's not that expensive try to sacrifice in other areas.

Best of luck to you hang in there.

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