First merchant dispute with Discover looming - Advice?

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First merchant dispute with Discover looming - Advice?

Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Fri Aug 15, 2014 9:48 pm

For a few years, I had purchased Continuing Professional Education courses from an online provider as part of maintaining a professional certification. Earlier tonight, I made another such purchase with my Discover for my 2014 CPE, but I found a few minutes after completing the purchase that some of the courses were no longer considered valid CPE. The online provider does mention this in a different part of the website, which I found later, but it was not clearly marked when I was going through the course catalog and putting the courses in my 'shopping cart'. I thought I was simply buying the updated edition of (what was, in prior years) a set of valid CPE courses.

I have only just emailed the provider within the last hour so I don't really expect to hear back from them until Monday. I was friendly and said I was a repeat customer and would be happy to buy the more appropriate (valid CPE) course from them. The economics of the CPE business dictate that losing a regular customer is very bad, while providing me with the alternative courses I want would involve very little effort and cost for them. For that reason, I am hopeful for a good resolution with the CPE provider (merchant).

Again, this was a transaction I authorized but I feel what I purchased was perhaps not properly advertised. The course materials were electronic, so there are no physical packages to ship or return. If the CPE provider (merchant) is hostile, and refuses a refund, does anyone have advice about disputing things with Discover? Do people think I have fair grounds for a dispute? I know I should give the merchant the chance to respond in normal business hours, but I don't know exactly how long to wait before involving Discover. Does it change things since it's a weekend?

It's not a lot of money involved, but I'm irritated that the merchant would still even be selling a course that wasn't valid CPE.

Edit: And the manager just voided the charge! A problem created and fixed within my first post of the thread!
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