Phising? / Scam?

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Phising? / Scam?

Postby jkl092214 » Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:43 am

[email protected]

So someone stole my credit card info and used it elsewhere. I called chase, made a dispute and got my money back, but shortly RIGHT AFTER I get an email from this, [email protected].

Yes I opened it, and I even tried to log in but for some odd reason my password was WRONG and I have make a new one. Good thing I know how to use my google sources and I googled this email and a bunch of PHISING info links came up about this.

Just wanted to know what ya thought about this and did this happen to anyone else?

It just confusing me because I got it right after I got off the phone with chase and got my money back.

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