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Postby FastSRT8 » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:09 pm

Sorry to hear you got caught in this web
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Postby nismoZtuner » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:02 pm

FastSRT8 wrote:Sorry to hear you got caught in this web

aww man that was good one! hahaha

I`m stealing that one!
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Postby firestorm » Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:31 pm


My issue is with that rip off "Rush-Card" run by UniRush financial services. It is a prepaid Visa card which I do not recommend as the fees are too high

Here is my problem and I can't seem to get it resolved after all this time. To me, it is fraud.

Ok, in 2007, we went to withdraw $300 from my card at Bank Of Africa in Benin Republic. All I got was a receipt saying they took the money out but no money was dispensed. We contacted the bank in person the next day and I called them, they were more than willing to give me back the $300 but needed me to dispute the charge on my Visa first as it had already been posted and taken from my account.

I contacted Rush Services right then and they told me they would help me and my calling began the dispute process. I did this June 1, 2007. I kept calling as never has it taken a long time to fix such a minor error. I got the runaround, numbers that did not work, people who hung up on me and I was in a very fragile place at the time and I am still struggling. They sent me a letter dated June 30 I guess to satisfy the requirements of BancCorp that did not get to me until AUGUST 7, 2007. It had a form and I filled it out and faxed it to the number they gave me. I then called to ask why they waited to so long to mail the letter and how long it would take to get my $310.89, some dumb story was always given and my health was failing and I kept calling, dispute depatment continued to avoid me, the dispute lin would be busy or I would get a human who always promised to look into the issue and never did. This was making me sicker. I tried and tried and tried until my health could not take it any longer so I had to step back and take care of me. Every now and then I would call with no luck over the years.

I really want my money back. I cannot afford to lose $310.89. I called their customer service department located in Manilla, Philippines. I was promised by a supervisor named Love that she would resolve this issue for me. I have not hear from he. he did tell me 9 months after I filed the dispute someone tried to call to get m to fax over the dispute form. I never ever got that call! Had I gotten it I would have gone to the moon and back to do what they asked. They lied. And why take all that time to ask for a form if you never received it and why if you called me and got no answer did you not write me? I don' get it. Russell Simmons has enough money. He does not need to steal mine or anyone elses. And I told her I would not accept them putting it back on the Rush card unless they waived all fees from my removing the money. They will nickle and dime you until the amount they stole from me will be whittled down to nothing.

Anyone here have any answers? Cant file charges because it is civil and I do no have the money to use them. How so I get my money back? I cant keep fighting with the as it just makes me so much sicker.

Please help me please.

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