Accidental Fraud

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Accidental Fraud

Postby rx86 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:39 am

I have an AmEx prepaid that pulls from my checking account. I pulled around $300 from my checking too early and Wells Fargo though it was fraud so they reimbursed the funds to the checking account and closed the case. Now, AmEx is investigating, but I'm trying tell them it was just me, not fraud and I will pay AmEx. They sent an initial email about the fraud but they have not written or called. I call everyday and they keep telling me to call back in a week. I am a little concerned... are they going to bring Wells Fargo back into the investigation (even when Wells closed their case) into this or will I just pay. The initial email said this:
This return has caused your account to go into a negative balance. American Express will investigate this transaction and take necessary actions to collect the amount due.

Should I be concerned? I don't want to be charged for fraud.

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Postby travisrauh » Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:50 am


Unless I'm missing something, it seems that Wells Fargo acted prematurely. They would've had to have contacted you and been told that it was actually confirmed fraud. I'm further unsure as to who you have attempted to contact - from what I gather, it sounds like you are attempting to call American Express. Since the fraud case was initiated on Wells Fargo's side, you should be contacting their fraud department and telling them you need the case reversed since it was actually a legitimate debit. If your American Express Prepaid is currently showing a negative balance, it should be as easy as loading the funds with that amount, since American Express's only concern at this time is being reimbursed for what I'm assuming is now a negative balance. Please keep us updated on the situation.
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