Credit Card Used by Someone Close to Me

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Credit Card Used by Someone Close to Me

Postby JessieLeigh » Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:31 am

I received an automated call from Visa about suspicious activity on my debit card and I called them back promptly, confirmed the charges were not made by me, and cancelled the card immediately. After viewing my bank statement, I went to the website on which the purchases (a little over $500.00 total) were made, a website I use frequently for browsing but had not yet made a purchase. The two purchases were made through my account to be shipped to my very address and their detailed contents, tracking number, etc. were all available to me. By the time I was made aware of these purchases, the packages were already in route. I figured I could wait on them to arrive and just send them back with no harm really done; however, when the day came for them to be at my apartment, I never received them. According to UPS, the packages were delivered. The same day I noticed some particularly random pending purchases on my Amazon account, through which my debit card was also linked. Fortunately they were recently placed and I cancelled them in time and deleted my financial information from my profile as well as change all of my passwords on all of my accounts. In addition to these two instances there were a few odd accounts of money being moved from my savings and into my checking back and forth a few times before the money was eventually spent.

I never lost my credit card, so I searched through all of my accounts and eventually checked my Internet's history. That was when I discovered that the purchases were made from MY computer. We have people over almost constantly and I have never been concerned about any sort of theft from people I know; however, as they say, "the proof [was] in the pudding." All of my personal account information is stored on my Mac, which is usually locked and never travels with me. I had documents of my account names and passwords for absolutely everything, which is obviously an egregious error.

My question is: how could I possibly go about disputing these charges with my bank? If they investigate the purchases that were made, they will show up under my IP address. I would have no qualms with pressing charges against whoever was responsible, "friend" or not, but I have no leads on the identity of the perpetrator. So, I believe they will view my "case" as thus: large quantities of items I frequently buy online (books - about 100 total) were purchased on an account I regularly use from my computer and shipped to my house. On paper this completely sucks and my story holds zero weight. Is there any chance I can get any money whatsoever credited to my account? I wish this were as straightforward as allowing someone to search my home, because the technology is obviously against me. I could sleep okay only being out fifty to one hundred dollars, but $553.25 is just too much to take lying down, especially with the penalties I now face for spending hundreds of dollars beyond the limit of my account. Is there anything at all I can do?

Thank you for your time and reading all of this gobbledygook. :rant:

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:58 am

Three pieces of advice
1. Call the cops and report this as well as reporting it to your bank/creditors.
2. Immediately change the passwords on all your credit/banking sites and cancel any orders you didn't make and consider locking your credit as well.
3. Become familiar with a good lawyer who specializes in this area - you may need one.

Also you must have some idea of who did it. Lose these "friends" or whatever they are. And ALWAYS lock your computer down.

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Postby HookEmHorns » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:53 pm

You have NO idea who it could be? Well, once you do I'd invite them over, explain the situation and let it be known you're about to launch a police investigation and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Immediately switch to using credit cards, not your debit card. Once I had roughly $70 stolen from my checking account that my bank gave me hell over to get back. My debit card was also compromised at a gas station. I live in Dallas and hackers out of Brooklyn were able to swipe my account info from the pay at the pump. I'm dang near paranoid to even use my debit card now.
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Postby takeshi » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:44 am

A camera on the front door would tell you who is picking up the packages. Definitely file a police report.

If you want to store your passwords and card info then at least have it under some security using something like 1Password -- though you're probably better off not storing it at all given your circumstances.

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Postby whit » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:25 pm

this reminds of a time I helped this xxxxx;

her debit card starting having transactions not recognized as hers
they were done on her debit card which never left her possession as far as she's concerned (when asked) and the debit card pin, which was used, was not given out either

she still had the card on hand when the purchases were made and filed a claim

she lost because the items were pin in, card never left her, and it was a swiped transaction

I remember her being frustrated because this has happened with another bank

and she doesn't know why

at that point I really didn't know what to say to her but in my mind

I'm thinking, either you're completely BSing me or that's actually all real but per the agreement of account, screwed.

companies are suppose to protect you yes, but even the courts would say you have a duty, to do your diligence in keeping your account information safe.

if you have lots of people roaming around your house, you need to lock up those debit/credit card info and password, and be more careful who uses your computer..create a guest login account for guests if necessary, where they're limited to certain stuff they can do and access.

at this point you need to either figure a way to be able to find the culprit (narrow down list of people within timeframe of deliveries, and do your own internal investigations that way) or

take it as an expensive lesson learned

I had one of a wire for 600, been there, done that

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