Trying to fix credit (AGAIN) =(

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Trying to fix credit (AGAIN) =(

Postby realized » Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:11 pm

Trying to fix credit (AGAIN)

So things have been up and down for me, though they have been up for the last 4-5 years and I think its time to try and re-establish my credit (again) with a super bad score (high 500’s).

I have no problem with a secured card as that is most likely my only choice but im not sure which one to get.

Last time I tried to re-establish my credit BofA came through and made my card un-secured but alas that account ended up going default so I don’t think they would give me another chance.

What are some other options out there that:

1) Report to credit companies
2) Don’t report as secured
3) Will give me a chance to go un-secured in 6months-1year

The rate does not really matter to me as over the last 4-5 years i've been paying off everything every month in full and don’t let things get bad anymore. my GF has trained me a bit.... Each month these cards will be paid off so interest wont be a huge factor.

Thanks guys!

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