Dispute with Priceline Visa - It's a pain to talk to them

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Dispute with Priceline Visa - It's a pain to talk to them

Postby nvtech » Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:43 pm

It was around July 2013, I made a purchase from Tiger Direct and after the end of purchase, I have see something like a $20 mail in rebate from everydayprivilegesgold.com.

I thought to get the $20 rebate and cancel it in the 30 day trail.

When I signed up on 07/11, I was charged a $1. I have filled out the forms and I sent out and cancelled the membership on 07/29.

And now the funny part.

On 08/22 got a charge for $16.99
on 09/23 got a charge for $16.99

These 2 charges appear to be like TLG*SHOPPER85225458SEP.

When I call them, they say shoppersadvantage.com.

Damm..I never heard about them and after a 2 min conversation with the company, I told them to cancel all the damm services.

Called the priceline Visa customer service for disputing these 2 claims.

Call goes to a Philippines customer service.

I gave them all details of the transactions and the guy just asked me to be on hold.

In 2 mins, he put a conference call with the retailer and he asks me to talk to them about the transactions.
As usual, the retailer says I have signed up and they are not refunding it.

It was after 30 mins of the call, the Disputes customer service person informs me that both "EverydayPrivilidgesGold" and "ShoppersAdvantage" are the same company.

I have disputed in the past with Citi, Discover and Amex. Its a very straight experience and call would be done in quick 5 mins.

Barclays just took 40 mins of my time to settle the dispute. It was really a pain in a**.

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