Fraudulent Charges. HELP.

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Fraudulent Charges. HELP.

Postby Oliver2013 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:59 am


Last year I opened a $10k limit charge card at a dept. store. The day before I made my first purchase, it seems that a fraudulent charge was made on the account for $6k without my knowledge or authorization. The charge went un-noticed for about 2-3 months as i was out of the country and had my acct on auto pay.

Once I discovered the fraudulent charge, I contact the dept store customer services to dispute. I was made to run in circles without any hopes to resolve the matter. Fast fwd to July 2013, I was able to escalate my dispute to the executive office. After repeated attempts to dispute and request competent proof, signature receipts, etc..., my claim was denied.

I learned that I should sign an ID Theft Affidavit and attach a police report to it. I proceeded to file a police report to further validate my claim. The POPO refused to process a report for ID theft due to lack of information... They too became frustrated with the process of dealing with the bank since a lot of time has passed. The bank can only produce acct statements. They do not have any copies of transaction receipts, transaction signature, or any other verifiable proof.

Last week I sent a letter demanding proof and informing that legal action is now immanent. Haven't heard back yet.

What else can I do? what are my options. Would filing an incident report with the police? I believe incident reports do not require any investigations...

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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