Chargeback won then overturned- how come?

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Chargeback won then overturned- how come?

Postby BJT1234 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:12 pm

I clearly won a dispute with a merchant through a credit card company The dispute opened on 10 29 12 and on 1 25 13 Credi card company rep spoke to me and said the merchant never responded through the entire process. He told me the cas was closed and the chargeback was initiated. I won and it was completely closed.

During the process in December I emailed customer support at the cc company for an update and somehow they took the inquiry about the current status of the dispute as a note stating I no longer dispute the matter. Furthest thing from the truth. The email went out of the country to a rep that didn’t understand what my question was. I was asking if the merchant had responded at this point that was all. In turn the cc company opened another dispute on 12 18 12. When i noticed a second dispute i called customer service and explained that there should not be an additional dispute. The rep said he understood and cancelled the december dispute that was in error. On march 20 the cc company placed the full amount of the chargeback back on my card. I called and asked how come after being told on January 25 the case was closed. The Merchant never responded in 3 months and the case was closed for good.

They told me this was an error on the cc company’s part so i asked if that means it will turn back to my favor. The rep replied they can’t guarantee that and that they are investigating it. Crazy. They agree they were at fault. I was told after 90 days case closed. Now they cant guarantee the outcome. They said there are federal laws they must go by ?? I am wondering if I have any legal grounds with the FTC that I should investigate.

This should clearly be overturned and done with as it was concluded on January 25 2013.

Any thoughts you have will be appreciated.

Worse part I am trying to buy a home and my debt to income is out of whack with that large balance back on the card.

Help if you can please.

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Postby DoingHomework » Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:58 pm

BJT1234 wrote:I clearly won a dispute with a merchant through a credit card company...
Worse part I am trying to buy a home and my debt to income is out of whack with that large balance back on the card.

You'll get your money back eventually.

But if you are so close on qualifying that one transaction will hurt you, you are buying too much house. I don't care if it's your largest transaction ever!

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Postby niiiico617 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:07 am

Company probably Represented the Chargeback. Generally, when a dispute is filed you receive a temp credit from the bank. They then assign a rep from their internal fraud team to quickly review the claim and decide whether it will be processed as a Chargeback. This is based off how many disputes the customer has previously filed, how many disputes the company has had filed against them etc etc. Once the Chargeback is submitted to the company, it's either Represented or not. If they didn't Represent right away, then chances are that's why you were told the dispute was "closed". Representment is when the company has the chance to respond to your chargeback, including the proper documentation/evidence/facts/proof etc it has to show the transaction was authorized and legit. If they did that and the bank decided it was enough proof, then the temp credit you originally received would be debited back out of the account. As far as the rep filing another Chargeback and all the other things going on, I can't help you there. I can say that In my experience 9/10 times, these reps we get on the phone have no idea what they are doing.

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