Someone opened a credit card with my Social Security number

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Someone opened a credit card with my Social Security number

Postby nartcr » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:57 pm


I do not have credit history, because i am from a different country. I applied for Capital One credit card 3 months back. This is my first credit card. They gave me 500$ credit limit. Last month, when i made a casual call to capital one to check if i would be able to use CC outside states, i learned something which shook my nerves. I didnt have the CC number when i made the call, hence i provided Social Security Number to Capital One so that they can locate my account.

They came up with 2 accounts under my Social Security Number. One of the accounts belongs to me, and the other one doesnt. They blocked my credit card instantly putting into trouble, since i had to pay my utility bills, and i ended up using my debit card.

Capital One asked me documents again showing them the social security number indeed belongs to me, and i am cooperating with them. However, the big question mark here would be:
a) How is that someone be able to open an account with capital one under my social security number? Can this be clerical error?
b) I checked with Social security bureau and they confirmed noone other than myself can technically have the same social. I am worried if there can be issues down the stream, since past activities may have an impact with my credit history or can affect me in some way i am not aware of. Should i be worried about anything else? I submitted my documents to capital one today.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

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Postby nishant » Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:37 pm

To open a new credit card account, not just SSN but date of birth and home addresses in last 2 years are required.

The identity theif can then apply for a new card and get mailing address changed. In such case, you would have been missing monthly statements.

Loss of income tax return data either paper copy or thumb drive are common ways where the thief can get all information in one place.

Did you check with credit card company whether and when they plan to take legal action on this case?
The credit card companies have access to data to which country and state, the SSN holder has been living when applied for last credit.

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