Signatory fraud?

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Signatory fraud?

Postby abcd123 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:20 am

I'm looking for help on credit card fraud or misuse in Georgia.

So here's the short part of the story, my boyfriend is a signatory on his father's credit card (they have the same credit card number, different cards) his father had a nervous breakdown and my boyfriends grandmother got power of attorney.

Now well his father was in the hospital, myself and my boyfriend used the card (he grabbed his father's card) to get groceries or gas, whatever. His grandmother is now trying to press credit card fraud charges against both of use for using the card. Now my question is, my boyfriend is a signatory on his father's credit card account- can she, with power of attorney, press charges against the both of us?

We live in Georgia if that helps. I cannot find any information on this, I'm very lost and confused. Any help is appreciated!

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Postby JNK » Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:09 am

If he had his own card as a signatory/authorized user, why didn't he use his own card, then?

Using his own card (same number, different name, similar to a joint account) while still an authorized user shouldn't be something anyone can press charges for (unless he racked up charges on the account and didn't bother paying it off and is making his father accountable).

Using his DAD'S card which is HIS DAD'S and NOT HIS OWN even though he is an Authorized User is yet another story entirely as that could potentially fall under credit card fraud depending on what the details are.
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