Am a liable for charges from a scam doctor?

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Am a liable for charges from a scam doctor?

Postby happygirl77 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:46 am

I have verified that the person I thought was a doctor is a SCAM artist.

I found this woman in a magazine where she claimed to have healed her cancer, etc. and that she was a PHd Naturopath Doctor who was previously a registered nurse, etc. Being that I have been sick for nearly three years I thought I got lucky having such a qualified Naturopath in Doctor in my area (I did not want to drive to Miami, FL).

So I made an appointment for a consultation. At the consultation where she asked me personal questions (I feel violated), she told me that I needed blood work. Her assistant took 13 viles of blood from me. While taking the blood they left the tourniquet on my arm and at about the 10th vile I got so sick I requested an ambulance/hospital however the woman stopped gave me water and crackers and tried to get me back to a normal physical state.

I was disoriented, dizzy and sick but since the doctor said to continue she did. I sat in the room for a bit longer and they used the other arm for the remaining 3 viles.

Upon trying to check out of the office while still being out of it they gave me some pills, a binder with photocopied material and charged me a whopping $1842.00.

Initially I thought my appointment would cost $90.00 for the consultation and she did tell me that one blood test would cost $475.00 and the additional $169.00 but I had no idea I would drop nearly $2,000.00. She then told me she could throw away my blood and I could do the remaining tests later. Again I was so scared of getting blood drawn there I agreed.

Nearly three weeks passed and every time I called my tests were not in. Finally last week I was told my results were in. This time I wanted to confirm how much my appointment would be as she had stated that the follow up visit would be $45.00 which I thought was reasonable. However she then tells me that I would have to pay $45 for 1 test, $60 for 2 test or $90 for review of all three tests. At this point I was irate and told her to just give me my tests and I would have my doctor review them to which she said she would not do.

Right after getting off the phone I started to research this woman and found in her previous SCAM she was a professional photographer and scammed several woman and never gave them pictures. At this point I have contacted the Medical board for Florida, the last News station that uncovered her last SCAM and the Florida Naturopath Physicians Association. I have yet to find anyone that can validate this woman as a doctor.

Am I still liable for these charges since I paid under the false pretense that this woman was medically qualified to assist me? I am in the process of filling a dispute with Chase however I am worried that I will have to eat these charges. At this point I do not want my test results as I am not sure that she even tested my blood. The woman is a sociopath.

Please help and send me any advice as I do not feel I should have to pay someone who was impersonating a doctor.

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Postby FastSRT8 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:53 pm

OK, the first thing you should do is call the POLICE!

Then seek legal council.

I'm not sure what the credit card companies would say but I do know you need to contact the authorities. This is more than just a question of a credit card scam. Impersonating a medical doctor is a felony I'm sure.

Somehow, I feel (I am NOT a doctor) that drawing 13 viles of blood for bloodwork test is crazy.

Good luck
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Postby DavidNY » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:19 pm

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