Is anyone else sensing fraud spiking up?

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Is anyone else sensing fraud spiking up?

Postby Iroquois » Tue May 29, 2012 3:03 pm

1 of my cards hit + 3 people I know too. Got a call from B of A asking about a transaction made in Florida and well outside my normal pattern. Wasn't me so the account was shutdown and new cards and account numbers issued.

Good friend got a preemptive letter also from B of A replacing their debit card because account numbers had been compromised. Heard last night at a gathering from another friend that they got a call from Citi that their card was being used in London fraudulently.

The banks sound like they are on top of it and acting swiftly but fraud appears highly visible right now from my window on things.

BTW, the possible implications of this, if fraud is up and if the banks are being highly responsive, is that legitimately using a card outside of your usual patterns or geography could get a denial until the issuer can verify that everything is legit.

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